Alfoze Technologies is registered with SECP as private Limited Company (Reg#0084250 ). Invoicellence is a product of Alfoze Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Invoicellence provides an online Invoicing & billing service (“Service”). In the following the terms (“Terms”) of the Service are stated. By setting up an account with Invoicellence (“Account”), and accepting the Terms of the billing service, the user automatically becomes a client (“Client”) and is bound by these Terms.

In the following Invoicellence and the Client may be individually mentioned, or known as “Party” or “Parties”.

Hereby the Client also accepts that any data required by law, or other information about their legal rights and obligations, can be sent to the Client electronically, and the Client’s electronic signature in Contracts and documents have the same effect as if they were written in ink.

The implication of the contract

1. The Contract allows the Client access to Invoicellence’s web applications, Mobile Apps, as well as surrounding services and updates (the “Service”). As a Client of Invoicellence the following services may be provided: billing, management and administration of estimates, invoices both outgoing and incoming.

Prices and terms of payment

2. Invoicellence retains the right to bill the Client for using the Service according to current price list or given quotation. All prices are excluding value added tax and other additions. The Client shall be notified of any modifications of fees at least a month prior to their activation.

3. When the Client sign-up or chooses a paid package available in Invoicellence Web Application, this will act as an acknowledgement for the transaction with Invoicellence.

4. The Client shall pay Service usage fee in advance (unless using a fully functional limited time promotion account or limited features free/trial account or explicitly specified and authorized)

5. Invoicellence will not charge any commission to client on amount quoted in estimate or any invoice.

6. Should the Client not conform to the terms of payments, or if there is valid reasons to assume they will not fulfill their obligation towards Invoicellence, then Invoicellence assumes the right to suspend temporarily and cancel permanently client account


7. Invoicellence commits to not share information that belongs to the Client or information on the Client’s Account, such as estimates data , invoice data, accounts receivable, price list,, products , client , supplier or similar, to any other than party than the authorities.

8. For the purpose of protecting the Client’s account details from unforeseeable losses and unauthorized access Invoicellence follows the privacy policy available on However, Invoicellence cannot guarantee that an unauthorized third party will never find a way to circumvent the mentioned security measures, or use the Client’s login credentials for unapproved purposes. The Client hereby confirms that they assume the risk of handing out their own login credentials. Invoicellence does not recommend Clients to hand out their login credentials.

Updates of the Service

9. Invoicellence can revise or change the Service at any time. Invoicellence will always attempt to notify the Client within a reasonable period of time on the web site or via email on the address given during registration. However, Invoicellence retains the right to make such changes instantly to ensure the safety of the system, or to follow laws and guidelines.

Binding period and period of notice

10. This Contract will be active until further notice, from the day of the Client’s acceptance of the Contract. When cancelling the Contract any underlying Contracts, shall also be cancelled.

11. The Client has the right to cancel the Contract with immediate effect. Invoicellence has the right to cancel the Contract, and related services, with immediate effect if the Client in any way breaches the Contract and does not confirm to correction within 10 days of written notice thereof, or if the Client files for bankruptcy, are found insolvent or if they are banned from commercial activities . Otherwise the period of notice on behalf of Invoicellence shall be one month.

12. Invoicellence retains the right to cancel the Contract with immediate effect if the safety of the Contract, and its’ fulfillment, is no longer ensuring.

13. If the Client in any way breaks the law, abuses, wrongfully use or by careless handling exploits the Services, Invoicellence retains the right to terminate the Contract and related services with immediate effect. Furthermore, Invoicellence has the right to restrict the Client’s access to web applications and related content. In accordance with previous said, the Client agree to not recreate, copy, solicit or claim any relation with the Service without having first entered into this Contract.

14. Invoicellence has the right to block the Client’s Account, restrict access to the Service, and cancel the Contract with immediate effect, should information emerge concerning the Client’s technical or administrative routines for information security giving reasonable concern that the Client’s account is being misused or will be misused.


15. Disputes based on this Contract shall be determined in the Pakistani Courts according to Pakistani law.

The fulfillment of the commission, and the rights and responsibility of the Partners

16. The Service is normally provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, Invoicellence cannot guarantee that the Service will remain faultless or without interruption during this time.

17. Occasionally Invoicellence will need to perform maintenance or upgrade the Service, which may result in interruptions, downtime or errors in the Service. Invoicellence will always strive to notify in advance any planned maintenance, but cannot guarantee to always be able to do so. Furthermore the Service might include faults or “bugs” which might cause disruptions or faults. The Client is aware of this, and accepts that Invoicellence might contact them in an attempt to help the Client with the Service, and request information needed to identify and correct the disruption.

18. The Client’s access to the Service also relies on services from external parts (such as access to the Internet, Payment gateways). Invoicellence has no responsibility over such services.

19. at the cancellation of the Contract Invoicellence has no obligation, other than what is legally necessary; to save or bestow any documentation or other forms of information in connection with any transaction actioned through the Service.

Responsibility to acknowledge unauthorized transactions

20. The Client accepts the responsibility to immediately, through the website ( contact Invoicellence if any unauthorized transactions have been administered through to their account.

Limitation of responsibility

21. Invoicellence will under no circumstances accept responsibility for indirect losses, such as non-payment of an invoice sent, loss of data or other losses in connection with the use or non-use of the Service.

22. The Client is asked to carefully read available instructions regarding the Service on Invoicellence accepts no responsibility for the Client’s wrongful doing, such as: (i) incomplete or incorrect invoices sent by the Client. Invoicellence is unable to recall a sent invoice. (ii) Changes in information provided by the Client, such as client records, article records and revenue accounts for bookkeeping purposes. Invoicellence cannot recreate former versions of the Client’s information. (iii) the Client accepts Invoicellence invoice template. Invoicellence cannot change the existing template. (iv) the contact information of the Client must be present on all invoices, such as telephone number, contact person and address to the Client.

Account and connection to Service

23. To use the Service the Client must create an Account. During registration the Client is obliged to enter correct and complete information. As long as the Client is connected to the Service he is obliged to update any changed contact information immediately. Invoicellence reserves the right to close the Account or disconnect the Client’s access to the Service, if any information turns out to be false or incomplete.

24. To verify the Client’s bank account details (where applicable), Invoicellence reserves the right to request account information from the Client’s bank. The Client accepts that Invoicellence collects such information, and commits to give such information when necessary. The Client may not use the Service unless accepting these conditions.

25. Should the account information requested in term# 25 turn out to be false or incomplete in any way, Invoicellence reserves the right to retain any cash-flow generated by the Client through Invoicellence’s trustee account until the bank account information has been corrected by the Client and verified by the bank and Invoicellence ( if applicable). To avoid confusion: despite verifying the Client’s bank information, Invoicellence is not responsible for payments to an account not belonging to the Client, given that the Client has provided wrongful information.

26. When the Client registers for the Service and accepts of Terms of Service they accept that Invoicellence will be allowed to request credit reports and perform controls .The Client also approves of Invoicellence requesting credit reports and making further controls and the Client commits to offer assistance when necessary.

27. It is up to Invoicellence’s own discretion to determine whether or not to provide the Client with access to the Service. Only after Invoicellence has decided to allow the Client access to the Service is Invoicellence bound by the Contract.

The Client and its business

28. The Client ensures that no invoice is false and that he has fulfilled all commitments to the debtor for the work, service, product or related content that the invoice entails.

29. The Client is responsible for ensuring that all products or services invoiced through the Service have come to the Client’s ownership in a lawful way. Invoicellence is not responsible for products or services sold that came into the Client’s possession illegally. Invoicellence reserves the right to, should such activity come to light, instantly inactivate the Client’s account, and report it to the related authorities.

30. The Client may not use the Service to accept payments for products or services that (i) contain tobacco procured online, (ii) concerns pornography, including sex clubs, escort services, magazines, movies or images of pornographic topics, as well as sex toys if they are the only article being sold, (iii) involves so called time sharing, (iv) are prescription drugs sold by mail order (provided that the seller has not informed Invoicellence with its permission to sell such drugs according to related laws and prescriptions), or narcotics, (v) concern dating (including sex dating), (vi) concern weapons, (vii) concern gambling, betting, lottery tickets, bingo and related casino services, (viii) concern so called anonymous services, (ix) concern vouchers with a longer time limitation than 36 months, (x) concern virtual currency, (xi) concern taxi and person transport, (xii) concern exotic dancing or comparable services, (xiii) are prohibited by law or are dubious from a risk-, advertising-, or reputable-perspective. Invoicellence retains the sole discretion to decide whether the Client’s use of the Service relate to any of the above products or services, and therefore is unacceptable according to these Terms.

31. The Client shall inform Invoicellence of any occurrence that affect or might affect the handling of the invoice.

32. The Client certifies that they are representing themselves and no one else in the Contract. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that no unauthorized access or transactions occur without the expressed consent of Invoicellence.

Design and protection of credentials

33. The Client is responsible for following the current routines and security instructions issued by Invoicellence from time to time, with the current policy available on the web site, when creating passwords and other login details.

34. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that their account number and password, as well as other login details, to the Service (“Account Details”) are stored securely, without possible unauthorised access. The Client is under obligation to ensure that the Account Details remain inaccessible.

35. Invoicellence assumes that it is the Client that is the issuer of the invoice as it sent through the Client’s account. Due to this the Client must either notify Invoicellence of unauthorised access, or change all Account Details immediately, if there is any reason to suspect unauthorised access or unauthorised knowledge of Account Details.

Limitation of responsibility

36. Invoicellence assumes no responsibility of damage caused by the Client or a third party in the following cases: (i) the Client – or anyone that the Client’s company is responsible for – has left incorrect or incomplete information to Invoicellence. (ii) the Client, or their use of the Service, has in any way broken the Terms, current laws or guidelines. (iii) system fault, conflict, communication error, or any other unforeseeable issue at Invoicellence or any of Invoicellence’s partners. (iv) the recipient's technical settings (fire wall, domain, software, etc.) that makes delivery of electronic messages and invoices from Invoicellence impossible. (v) force majeure, new or updated laws and treaties, regulations, legal enactment, action by the authorities, act of war, strike, lockout, boycott, blockade, conflict, communication error, change in cost or other circumstance that Invoicellence could not reasonably have foreseen or avoided. This reservation applies even if Invoicellence has taken or is subject to industrial action. (vi) other obstacle, hindrance or delay as a result of circumstances outside of Invoicellence’s control.

37. Invoicellence is not responsible for any compensation regarding direct injury, loss of profit or indirect injury. The only exception is for direct injury if Invoicellence in any way acted with criminal intent.

38. Any claim on Invoicellence shall be presented to Invoicellence’s office or email as soon as the Client recognizes the reason to present such claim. Claims should be presented at the latest 90 days after the latest of: (i) the day when Invoicellence sent an invoice to the customer regarding the product or service the claim is in regards to, or (ii) the day the Client recognizes the reason, or should have recognized the reason to raise the claim.

39. If Invoicellence has failed to uphold its responsibilities according to the Contract, Invoicellence shall be allowed to rectify the error within reasonable time.

Third-Party Applications

40. The User agrees that Invoicellence has not any liability or responsibility for any Third-Party Applications. The User agrees that it will not use any Third-Party Applications in a manner that would infringe or violate the rights of any other party and that Invoicellence is not in any way responsible for any such use. Once the User acquires a Third-Party Application from or via Invoicellence, the User is entering into a binding agreement directly with the rights holder of that Third-Party Application (the “Publisher”) governing the User’s use of that Third-Party Application and Invoicellence is not a party of such agreement. The User acknowledges that the Publisher is solely responsible for its Third-Party Application, the content therein, any warranties to the extent that such warranties have not been disclaimed, and any claims that the User or any other party may have relating to that Third-Party Application.

Dormant accounts

41. If there appears to be no activity on the Account for at least a year Invoicellence will notify the Client via email to the Client’s registered email address to give the Client the opportunity to keep the account or to close it. If Invoicellence receives no reply within 30 days the Account is automatically closed.

Opinions on the Service

42. The Client is free to leave opinions or ideas regarding the Service by sending an email to Invoicellence reserves no responsibility for such opinions or ideas. The Client has no claim to compensation for such opinions or ideas, and Invoicellence is free to use and assimilate them.

Treatment of Client data

43. Invoicellence is required to uphold the laws and regulations that require Invoicellence to know their clients and to make sure Invoicellence do not accidentally engage in any criminal activity. In addition, Invoicellence also has an interest and obligation to banks and other partners to be able to deal with the risks of fraud and other misuses of the Service in a sensible fashion. This requires that Invoicellence treats and store Account Details and how the Client uses the Service (“Account Details”). Invoicellence will not collect any Account Details until the Client has accepted the Contract. Please note that accepting the Terms of Service is a requirement to be able to use Invoicellence’s Service.

44. The Client accepts that Invoicellence manages the following Account Details: (i) main details, such as name of the Client, address, email address and telephone number, (ii) other details, such as login details, social security-, co-ordination- or organization number, bank account number( if applicable ), bank details( if applicable), and any other information entered through websites provided by Invoicellence. (iii) in some cases Invoicellence will need to collect a credit report on the Client. In the cases where this is considered necessary Invoicellence will include the credit report information from a credit report company to the Account Details. (iv) information that is collected from social networks that the Client has approved for Invoicellence to collect information from, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The information that is available on the Client’s public profile or generally available information, information about amount of contact or friends, as well as possible profile picture. (v) information concerning accounts receivable, such as debtor, amount, transaction description, amount of products, unit price, any discounts, terms of payment and information about when the payment was made. Data regarding the hardware used by the Client to connect with the Service is also collected, as well as information on the type of operation system, IP-address, or other device-specific information, mobile unit or other equipment used to access the service. It can also include information about the Clients navigation and activities while visiting the website, or when using the service, as well as information about other websites visited either before or after. In the cases of the Client contacting Invoicellence, either by email, post or telephone, Invoicellence will collect and store this information too.

45. The reason for collecting such information of Account Details is to control them before certain decisions, to administer and fulfill agreements entered into, for risk management- and credit scoring estimations, for marketing purposes, operation-, business- and product development purposes (such as examining how the Service is being used and to judge the Client’s payment ability), as well as to complete Invoicellence’s responsibilities according to Pakistani law. The Account Details may also be used for direct marketing purposes.

46. Account Details may also be provided to Invoicellence’s suppliers, to the authorities, partners, as well as to other banks and financial institutes when needed to complete, handle or investigate invoice matters. The Account Details may further be provided to external parties that offer services that can prevent fraud or misuses of the Service. In connection with registration Account Details may be provided to a credit report company so that Invoicellence may be able to verify the Client’s identity. In addition to this, the Client’s Account Given Client’s acceptance, details may also be shared with the Client’s social media contacts (“Friends”) that are also clients of Invoicellence.

47. Invoicellence stores Account Details for a period of time at the longest of:: (i) 10 years counting from the expiration date of the calendar year of the year when the Contract was entered into, (ii) 10 years counting from the expiration date of the calendar year when the latest invoice was sent out through the Service, (iii) 10 years counting from the expiration date of the calendar year of the latest login on the Client’s account with Invoicellence.

48. By accepting these Terms of Service the Client is permitting Invoicellence to treat the Account Details in accordance to Terms of Service. The Client can at any time withdraw their permission of this treatment of Account Details by contacting Invoicellence through the website.


49. Written messages from Invoicellence to the Client will be in English, and will be sent per email to the address entered by the Client at registration. Any such emails will be assumed to have arrived at the latest the following day.


50. The Client does not have the right to transfer rights or responsibilities connected to the Service or their Account to another person without the expressed written permission by Invoicellence. Invoicellence may fully or partly transfer rights and responsibilities according to the Terms of Service to another person without the expressed permission of the Client.

Addition and changes

51. Invoicellence has the right to occasionally make additions or changes to the Terms of Service. The Client shall be informed of such changes or additions at least a month before implementation. If the Client rejects these proposed changes or additions then they have the right to terminate the Account. If the Client does not explicitly inform Invoicellence of their opposition of these changes or additions before they are implemented then it is assumed that they accept them.

52. Invoicellence reserves the right to immediately change anything (including price changes) that are issued by law, guidelines or a decision made by authorities, constitutions or rules issued by partners.

Unresolved disputes

53. Disputes regarding interpretation and execution of the Terms, which cannot be solved after negotiations, shall be decided in Pakistani courts according to Pakistani Law.


54. Should anything in this Terms of Service be found to be invalid this will not invalidate the entire document? Instead reasonable adjustments shall be made on both parts.

55. The Service and all material on the web site are protected under Pakistani and international copyright law. Unless Invoicellence explicitly states the contrary, all material is either owned or licensed by Invoicellence.

56. The trademark and logotype Invoicellence are protected trademarks.

57. The Client ensures that they represent themselves, and no one else in this Contract.

58. For any change or addition to the Terms of Service to be valid they need to be signed by both Parties.